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Kurlar Gunceldir

                      Our company aims to continually improve by following technological innovations. Our high technology innovation and research and development work are increasing our competitive advantage. Our R & D center consists of test center, information center, standardized team and trial production center, machine coating, electronics, electric, hydraulic gearbox, polymer departments. All our machines have a high injection speed and are fully closed-loop; they have an environment-friendly structure with working principle that saves energy and energy.

                      The low noise levels of the machines provide a safer and healthier work environment for employees. Machines; With YUKEN variable hydraulic pump (optional import servo system), it provides 30% - 60% energy saving compared to fixed pump of the same size. In addition, the machines allow the operator to save on transformer capacity. For example; The 10-11 M Series injection machines work well with the maximum energy that the 8-9 machine produced by the 150 KVA transformer can operate. Injection molding machines are designed to meet all the needs of the user. All components are modularized for rapid organization of the production plan. For example; The power system of the M Series can be selected from fixed pump, variable pump, servo system and can be carried out without changing any mechanical parts.



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Our company's human resources policy aims to develop employees' personal and business competencies and to have a strong motivation and strong commitment to the company.

In the election of employees, the recruitment of professionals by considering their expertise constitutes the basic procurement policy.